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Islands of Health and Vitality

Living in areas where air pollution exceeded all permissible measures and where most of residents breathe with a half a lung capacity, problems like children’s asthma, chronic bronchitis and similar ailments, have become a major problem of modern life.

The oxygen we breathe is the basic element of life because all the cells in our body need it for normal functioning. We need 10 times more air than food and water. For each problem there seem to be instant solutions that have only a short-term effect. Such a way of life affects the health which we do not have time for, and with the emergence of health problems, we lose the quality of life.

The last oases of a normal pace of life are the islands which attract a growing number of visitors searching for peace, meditation, health, and achieving balance of mind and body.

Ideal climate suitable for treatment of respiratory diseases

Two islands in Croatia’s northern Adriatic region, that belong to Kvarner bay, the bigger Mali Losinj and Susak a smaller one, were proclaimed climate resorts and rehabilitation centers in 1892 under the national law of the Austrian government in Vienna. It is due to these facts that the island Mali Losinj is now a well-known climate resort across the world.

The island of Susak is extremely suitable for organizing climate therapy because it has a series of benefits from a mild climate throughout the year, very hot sea and hot sand in the summer and emphasized humidity all year round. Susak is still an oasis of peace because there are no mass tourism and road traffic, air and sea are very clean because there are no the industrial or other pollutants.

On both islands, there are no plants that produce accented allergens, and conditions for hay fever and other allergic diseases caused by plant pollen. In fact both islands are perfect place for organizing climate therapy for a number of diseases, especially for children (island Losinj) and for the treatment of infertility in women (sand beach on Susak island in Bok Bay).

The town, Mali Losinj, has become a well-known Mediterranean centre of excellence in rehabilitation and those in need of rehabilitation support due to working in polluted conditions, harmful effects of smoke, fumes, and other irritating particles.

The true scents of the sea and invigorating aromas of therapeutic plants on Losinj, reduces the stress in anyone who comes here. The footpaths by the sea take you back to nature and walking. These simple actions, walking and breathing the sea aerosol mixed with the richness of essential oils of herbs that grow in abundance on this island, give results at the level of each of our cells, and our body system in general.

Do you know people feel very good on Losinj because of the prevailing annual feeling of pleasure from chilly to warm and hot? The feeling of ‘very hot’ never happens, and ‘very cold’ is very rare.

Based Meditation for Beginners

Slowly, meditation is detaching from its image that it is a strange spiritual custom practice by ascetics and monks in Asia. Some famous people and personalities who meditate include Gwyneth Paltrow, Rivers Cuomo, and David Lynch. Meditation helped military veterans deal with their post traumatic stress disorder. An increasing number of research shows that meditation has a noticeable effect on human’s brain that promotes different types of health and wellness. People who are interested may need to overcome the hurdles of meditation such as the perception that it is hard, painful, time-consuming and complicated – and religious.

Even though there are many types of meditation – from meditation of the transcendental kind to Zen meditation – health professionals agree that a beginner should not mind struggling with them. Meditation is easy and simple, even beginners can do it and everyone can benefit from it.

Find some free time in a calm and quiet place as you can at least 20 minutes or more. Meditating with interruptions from your gadgets and computers will not really work. Some traditions use the physical position lotus position or also known as Indian sit. In Sanskit, this is known as mudras – the famous sitting position in the ground. If you are not comfortable with this sitting position, you can sit on a chair instead. Do not just sit but try as much as possible to do something. Don’t start immediately with meditation but let your body and mind settle first before starting. Life is already stressful as it is, do not add stress by doing meditation in a hurry. Try to pick something and gently draw your attention into it. It can be an image – mental or physical – or your breathing which works easy and natural. You can meditate with eyes closed or open, whichever works for you. A mantra may also aid you during meditation. It is a voice or sound that you build in your mind. When your mind starts to wander, slowly go back to the present condition. During your meditation, you will feel that your mind gets quieter than before.

Meditation is an easy technique. You do not have to worry about whether you are doing it right or wrong. That’s a wrong way to start your meditation. Avoid getting angry or frustrated with yourself and in your mind. If you need to stop your meditation, gently do it slowly. Do it smooth and not harsh. Enjoy first the state you built and do not forego of it as soon as possible. Repeat your meditation as needed. It will be very effective if done regularly. Do it always for a long period. It does not need to take many hours or every day. A 20-minute meditation is effective if done always.

Medication techniques for novice are not as hard as you imagine. It is a wonderful experience that will change your life in many ways. Meditation helps treat anxiety, stress and depression. It provides inner peace without the aid of chemicals and medical treatments. Binaural beats and sounds help beginners in their meditation. Focusing on your breathing is one if the simplest technique that you can master in meditation. All you have to do is base your breathing on the sound and feeling of your breath. Do it in a quiet place where do will not be distracted.

Intriguing Advantages and Wonders of Meditating

The possible life changes which derive from meditating are so significant that a person couldn’t possibly ever even fathom them ever coming to fruition until they are experienced. If you appear to be overwhelmed and are searching for answers or you are feeling like you have no place in this Universe, silently meditating will reveal the force to resolve your suffering. Maybe you have no more than one single major conflict about which you need clarity or you are wanting to recover from an unhealthy habit such as cigarette smoking.

Despite the conflict you are experiencing, your probability of getting resolution through silent meditation is excellent! Perhaps it won’t happen in your first couple times meditating, but it is possible. It really depends upon the amount of time and effort you lend to clearing all the confusion from your mind while meditating. What are some of the powerful benefits of meditation that will leave you pondering why you didn’t consider meditating earlier?

Psychological Benefits of Meditating

Mental Clarity

Silent Meditation is a time to focus on the second at hand. It’s an opportunity to identify what is ‘garbage’ and that which is reality; and this can only come about by paying attention to your supreme intuition that lives deep within your core. Get rid of grudges here, listen to what is right, and sort out conceivable resolutions.

Self Esteem

Over time as you get more practice meditating and making the decision to cater to your higher being, you will acquire a healthy self image through immense insight. You are going to be more comfortable with who you are no matter who else is around and live with a sense of modesty – neither requesting too much nor turning away when it’s your time to win.

True Contentment

Serenity is a fantastic benefit of meditating that enables you to tap into calmness no matter where you are. Keep in mind that anxiety is caused by fretting over days passed. When you are afraid, it’s generally because your thoughts are somewhere else and you are by yourself. There is nothing and nobody with you in the land of what-ifs to offer you support; and it’s intimidating when you’re without support in a different place. Meditating provides you with daily practice on keeping yourself in right now; and it’s a useful tool you can use at any time all through each day!

A Lower Level of Emotional Tension

Emotional Stress is accompanied by a multitude of side effects and can result in an influx of emotions causing sleeplessness, indiscriminate irritation, intellectual complications and a variety of other emotional and physical adverse effects that can all be significantly lowered and done away with as time passes by practicing meditation.

Health Benefits of Meditating

Increased Life Span

It is possible you might already be familiar with the correlation between emotional tension and failing health, however the truth is: The physiological response of many mortals to emotional tension isn’t a mystery to the world of healthcare. Emotional stress has been proven to cause some of the most harmful physical conditions such as high blood pressure level, overeating and obesity, cardiac arrest, lower white blood cell count and a great deal more. And then add the completely mind-consuming adverse reactions of tension such as bodily hurt, muscle spasms, and head pain. Upon taking favorable approaches in your life like silent meditation and consistently deciding upon more self identifying behaviors, you can easily become much less affected by emotional tension and turn out to be increasingly probable to have stronger health and well being for a longer lifetime as a result.

Enhanced Blood Flow

Silently Meditating is usually performed by focusing on very long, consistent breaths. This variety of inhaling and exhaling works miracles for lung health, skin and cell replenishment, heart health, and even brain functionality!

Spiritual Gifts of Meditating

The spiritual gifts of meditating are without a doubt the most compelling good reasons for meditation. So getting to the final answer to the question: Why do meditation? The number one answer is: To become aligned with the Universe and to be aware of the Life Force Energy flowing through every last living being.

Increased Intuition

Many declare that looking back is 20/20; and this is usually a fact. Visualize having this type of foresight in everything before-hand, though. Repetitively practicing mediation enables you to acquire a profound instinctive understanding of what should be taken next to help you attain your goals. Upon becoming aware of your personal oneness with the Universe, it becomes increasingly tough making the ‘bad’ option; given that you seem to be guided intuitively in the direction you should be.

Health Benefits of Meditation

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, irritated bowel syndrome, erectile dysfunction, migraines, and fertility issues are just a few of the many stress-related illnesses that are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Stressors suck away our life force like a parasite pilfering our sustenance, leaving us feeling depleted in ways we are often not fully aware of. Stressors are anything that throws your body out of balance. One of the most important health benefits of meditation is the profound effect it can have on your level of stress. Meditation can help you bring your body and mind to a relaxed state, which has a significant impact on the nervous system. By developing a daily meditation practice; be it 5 or 15 minutes; you can learn to identify the stressors in your life and start to neutralize their effect on you.

It is easier to understand the link between meditation, stress, and health problems once you familiarize yourself with the delicate balancing act being performed by your autonomic nervous system. Your autonomic nervous system consists of your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Your sympathetic nervous system is often what is referred to as your fight or flight reflex. Human beings were built to survive in the wild before dinner could be whipped up with a phone call and danger was a subway door closing making us a perilous five minutes later to our destination. Nonetheless, be it tiger or tax time deadline, your body still responds to stressors in the same manner.

When you are stressed, your heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension suddenly increase; blood flows away from your vital organs towards your extremities; brain wave activity becomes intense; digestion is inhibited; fertility is inhibited; adrenaline & cortisol are released; the immune system is weakened, and all because you are stuck in traffic that you are going to be stuck in whether you stress yourself out or not.

Relaxation triggers the parasympathetic nervous system. This system has the opposite functions of the sympathetic nervous system. The functionality of the parasympathetic nervous system is much more subtle and organ-specific than the aforementioned fight or flight system. When you relax your blood pressure and heart rate decrease, muscles relax, brain waves slow down, sexual arousal increases, and your bowel movements become smoother. In order to trigger this relaxation response, one must focus the mind on something repetitive like breath, sound, or movement, and attempt to let go of all other thoughts. The important thing to keep in mind is that the attempt to let go of all other thoughts, however unsuccessful it may feel, triggers the relaxation response. Every time we meditate, we help bring the mind and body into balance.

Meditation can be a wonderful tool for combating stress and stress related issues. The toll all these tiny stressors, stacked upon each other daily, takes on us is often underestimated. Through meditation, we cannot only counteract some of the physical symptoms, we can learn to address the sickness head on and become more aware of what our stress triggers are.