Arirang Prime-Various meditation techniques ? Wave Meditation, Yacht Meditation,

The Journey of Meditation
If your days seem to be filled with meaningless repetition, why not begin the new year with meditation, to bring about health, freedom from stress, and a new perspective? Meditation is no longer reserved for gurus, and is a tool for anyone who hopes to alleviate their stress and improve their focus. With scientific studies demonstrating the effects of meditation on brain waves and health, more and more people around the world are beginning to meditate. Right now, about 60 million people in the United States and 5 million people in Korea practice meditation. However, it is largely unknown how people practice meditation, and what they experience. Many people still find meditation inaccessible and difficult to understand.
“The Journey of Meditation,” we follow a group on their journey to understand meditation and answer their questions about the practice of meditation. On the beautiful natural island of Namhae, the group is led through their exploration of meditation by former pro baseball player Park Chan-ho and medical intuitive Caroline Myss. The journey shatters their preconceptions that meditation can only be practiced in a quiet room, sitting with legs crossed. Through dance meditation, cradle meditation, and yacht meditation, they find ways to treat the scars in their hearts and minds by looking inward.
Walking Meditation led by Park Chan-ho
With 124 wins in Major League Baseball, Park Chan-ho became the most successful Asian pitcher in the MLB. Over his career, he managed his stress through meditation. On this journey, he shares his 16 years of experience with others, teaching them how to focus and breathe.
Dance Meditation, breaking preconceptions about meditation
One of the most prevalent preconceptions about meditation is that it must be practiced in a quiet room, with legs crossed. However, meditation can take many different forms. Dance meditation is a high-energy, high-focus type of meditation. Over two days, the participants practice dance meditation, known to relieve stress and help people see within themselves.
World-renowned medical intuitive Caroline Myss
Medical intuitive and public speaker Caroline Myss, featured on the Super Soul episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, gives a seminar and interview about meditation. In addition, we learn meditation techniques by visiting the Ritamville meditation center, dedicated to modern meditation techniques.
Various meditation techniques ? Wave Meditation, Yacht Meditation, Sleep Meditation, Cradle Meditation
On Namhae′s famous silver sand beach, the participants follow the lead of Ritamville director Seo Mu-tae in learning to observe one’s inner self, unshaken by the surrounding environment. Then, in the picturesque Mulgeon Port, the participants learn the basics about meditation in nature by surrendering themselves to the waves. We learn about the methods and effects of sleep meditation and cradle meditation through the personal experiences of the pract

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