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Winter Solstice Lyran DNA Light Code Activation (JERRY SARGEANT) Powerful Guided Meditation

Visit for Private Healing Sessions, Guided Meditations and Up & Coming Star Magic Workshops, Training Experiences and much more... Download Your Free Guided Meditation Now: In Discover A Lot More

Inner Light | Guided Meditation | Spoken Word | Isochronic Tones | Binaural Beats

“Prayer is the wing wherewith the soul flies to heaven, and meditation the eye wherewith we see God.” ~Ambrose Go on a journey to a sacred place where you can experience the cleansing power of inner light. This is an Alpha session which ramps Discover A Lot More

3 HOURS Relaxing Music “Light Breeze” | Meditation Background | Yoga – Spa – Massage – Sleep – Study

3 HOURS Relaxing Music"Light Breeze" by Chakra Energy Healing. Relax your mind and body during this balancing instrumental composition. Use it for Chakra Energy Healing, meditation, Yoga, spa, sleep, massage and study in background. Track info: Discover A Lot More

Healing Meditation of Golden Light – Healing of Body from Disease and Illness

Healing Golden Light Meditation - Healing Meditation of Body and Mind: a Guided Meditation. Healing meditation can help you replace the negative energy inside yo with more positive and healing energy, to destroy sickness, illness and disease inside Discover A Lot More

Light meditation – ดร. อาจอง ชุมสาย ณ อยุธยา

การนำสมาธิแสงสว่าง - ดร. อาจอง ชุมสาย ณ อยุธยา บรรยาย ณ คณะแพทย์ศาสตร์ ม.สงขลานครินทร์ Discover A Lot More

Uplifting Meditation Music – RAYS OF SUN LIGHT – for Depression – Become Happier Feel Good

◢ Start giving those bouts of depression a shove out the door and feel freedom from the negative state of mind and emotions that are brought about. Using binaural beats and isochronic tones found in the Alpha Range, we have created a music therapy Discover A Lot More