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“Effective Communication Skills” aims to make you communicate more fluently, clean and effectively. After several sessions you will start boosting your natural ability to communicate comfortably and effectively.

*It is recommended to NOT listen to binaural beats or isochronic tones if you are pregnant woman, if you use pacemaker, while driving, if you suffer from epileptic seizures or similar mental illnesses, if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some of the subliminal affirmations used:
I have perfect communication skills.
I always say the right things in every situation.
I express myself with ease.
My communication skills improve daily.
I always know what to say.
I always remember and use the right words in every situation.
I always speak clean and fluently.
I am completely confident and relaxed when I talk with others.
I am completely confident and relaxed when speaking to groups of people.
My words flow naturally and effortlessly.
I have great fluency in speaking.
I have a rich vocabulary.
I intuitively understand words that i hear or see for the first time.
My communication skills are amazing.
I always speak clean and with clarity.
I have high levels of eloquence.
I have total control of words and sentences as i discuss with others…

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