Reasons to Use a Self-Healing Meditation

Do you want to take control of your health? Join the club! Many people are actively changing their lifestyles for the better, to boost their health and reduce their dependence on the medical establishment, and for many, self-healing meditation plays an important role in this process. Here we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why meditating for better health is a great thing to do.

Firstly, it makes sense because the mind and body are inextricably connected, and your mental state exerts a huge influence over your physical health. Sure, most people depend on drugs and surgery to deal with illness; after all, this approach has the backing of science, and is what just about everybody does. But the fact remains that while such interventions can useful or even essential in some cases, true healing comes from within, and we’re all much more powerful than conventional medicine would have us believe. The existence of people who have overcome serious illnesses by using visualisation and similar mind-body techniques is testament to that.

Secondly, it costs nothing to meditate, except some of your time, and possibly a meditation recording if you choose to use one. It’s certainly much cheaper to meditate then it is to pay for conventional treatment. Now while you should always follow your doctor’s advice, and continue with any necessary medications or other treatment plans for your condition, there’s usually no reason why you can’t add meditation as part of your healing regime as well. If nothing else, it’ll help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, which can in itself have a positive knock-on effect on your general well-being.

Thirdly, a self-healing meditation can be used to great effect by those who are currently healthy, as a preventative measure. Do this and you may be less likely to become ill, because meditation provides an effective way to deal with stress, which underlies many modern illnesses. In addition, you’ll gain a great sense of self-empowerment by taking more responsibility for your own health and well-being – which is something that far more people need to do in this era where we’re actively encouraged hand over our power to the medical establishment and the big-business pharmaceutical industry.

While there are many health-related meditations available, the most powerful include brainwave entrainment recordings which take your brain down into a delta brainwave state. Delta waves are very low-frequency brain waves which are predominantly produced when we’re in deep sleep, and delta wave production is associated with enhanced bodily healing and regeneration. This is partly why getting plenty of sleep of the right type is so important to your health.

Using a suitable brainwave recording can help you to spend more time in the delta state even while you’re still awake, thus giving your body an extra chance to boost its healing processes.