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Powerful, Effective Physical Healing Meditation – Really Works!

Physical healing brought to you by: http://www.TruePublishing.com The meditation presented here is based on combining effective (but little known) Qigong techniques with long-time biblical principles in order to radically increase the healing effects. Please Discover A Lot More

Effective Communication Skills, Communicate More Fluently and Clean | Subliminal Messages

Full version: http://visualmeditation.co/downloads/effective-communication-skills Join Visual Meditation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/visualmeditation "Effective Communication Skills" aims to make you communicate more fluently, clean and Discover A Lot More

Training Mindfulness Through Meditation: why it’s so effective and how to go about it

This video is all about how to use meditation to build your mindfulness skills. I talk about why meditation is so effective for training mindfulness, and how to go about doing it using a particular type of meditation called 'noting practice'. If Discover A Lot More

EFFECTIVE Subliminal Guided Meditation for Wealth- Think and Grow Rich- Wealth and Abundance

Affirmations for smart people! These are based around Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich. They don't include the biases that many other subliminal videos on youtube (eg. thinks like "I work as hard as possible for riches." when it may not always Discover A Lot More