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GUIDED MEDITATION A Spiritual Journey – High Quality Immersive Experience

Enter into a profound and beautiful spiritual journey from the deeps of the ocean to the furthest limits of the universe. This guided meditation can guide you to a heightened awareness and tranquility, you may receive healing and glimpse the greater Discover A Lot More

GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION – Journey to the Stars. Sleep Talkdown 1 HOUR

In this sleep meditation, you will be guided on a wonderful journey among the stars in the company of a benign and loving being. Experience the beauty and wonder of the cosmos in this flight among the stars ......................................................................... If Discover A Lot More

Spiritual Retreats for Women at Midlife: The Inner Self Reclaiming Journey of a

International author/teacher Ronda LaRue offers radical healing transformation through spiritual soul arts sacred play (workshop) and special small group in-residence retreat intensives. This mid-life retreat for renewal, inner peace, life direction Discover A Lot More

“Beings Made of Light” – Episode 11 – “Meditate” – Hot Yoga – A Sacred Journey – BrianToPhoto.com

Photographer/Filmmaker Brian To: http://www.briantophoto.com/ FREE 90 min. class: Hot Yoga - A Sacred Journey - 26 + 2 series: https://youtu.be/apa1t9-_r-8 Please Subscribe to Brian To on YouTube and Support him with donations to make more inspiring Discover A Lot More

Spiritual Reality – The Journey Within (Power of Meditation) [Full Movie]

This product is the outcome of extensive research by Spiritual Masters through Meditation. A step by step Meditation Visual Guide. A video to learn and practice Meditation. Spiritual Reality is the answer to ... • Be Healthy Joyful and Peaceful • Discover A Lot More

Entrepreneurs Journey – Meditation for Dummies – EXACTLY How To Meditate the Easy way

Entrepreneurs Journey - Meditation for Dummies - EXACTLY How To Meditate the Easy way This is straight talk for anyone that has never meditated, or like myself, has not attempted silent meditation... ...this is Meditation for Dummies... Let's Discover A Lot More