The Proven Physical Benefits of Meditation

It’s generally accepted that meditation is an exceptional exercise for your mental well-being; it’s helpful to recognize that meditation can have just as many benefits for your physical well-being.

Meditation is constantly undergoing scientific scrutiny. Through several studies, researchers have proven that meditation can have some surprisingly beneficial effects for your body. Outlined below are some of the physical benefits of meditation that have been proven by scientific research.

Meditation can help prevent sickness and alleviate its physical symptoms.

Stress has a direct impact on the responsiveness of your immune system. Meditation is an effective practice for reducing stress, which may explain how it also improves immune response.

In a study published in the Psychosomatic Medicine journal, a group of meditators that were given a flu-shot showed higher levels of antibodies than the non-meditating group. The same study also showed that meditators had increased brain activity in areas linked with positive emotions.

This improved immune response can be beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of a broad range of health related issues.
Meditation should never replace conventional medical treatment recommended by your doctor. If you have questions about whether meditation can help in your particular case, then you may want to discuss the benefits and potential side effects with your health professional.

Meditation reduces fatigue

If you’re having trouble getting through the day, then it might be time for a meditation break. Studies show that meditation helps increase alertness, and counteracts fatigue. During testing, the reduction in fatigue allowed meditators to perform at high levels of cognitive performance, even if they had missed sleeping the night before.

Meditation reduces the impact of physical pain

Reducing pain can be an important benefit for people who suffer chronic physical pain. Chronic pain can often lead to mental health issues, with symptoms such as depressed, worried and anxious thinking. Fortunately, studies show that meditation can help relieve the direct experience of physical pain. It can also give sufferers the mental fortitude to consciously direct their response in times of difficult circumstances. The reduction in perceived physical pain can be beneficial to mental and emotional health as well.